Horseback Riding in Manzanita on the Oregon Coast

Horseback Riding in Manzanita on the Oregon Coast

Horseback Riding in Manzanita on the Oregon Coast

10 Jul 2021

Manzanita Horseback Riding on the Oregon Coast

Horseback Riding on Manzanita Beach

Although many people might think of places like Wyoming, Montana, or Colorado for a horseback riding vacation, many equine enthusiasts will tell you there’s nothing like galloping alongside the Pacific Ocean. Horseback riding on the Oregon Coast is something every horse lover should experience in their life, and Meredith Lodging features a stunning collection of vacation rentals that will undoubtedly make the perfect launchpad for your coastal adventures. As such, we’ve decided to help you start your journey through some of the best horseback riding on the Oregon Coast, so continue reading to learn more!

Oregon Horseback Riding Vacations: Manzanita and Beyond

There are so many places to ride horses on the Oregon Coast! The most popular places to ride include Pacific City, South Beach and ….Manzanita! Ideally situated in one of the Beaver State’s most picturesque locales, Manzanita, Oregon, is an excellent place to saddle up! With its expansive beaches, romantic vistas, and unrivaled scenery, it’s no surprise that many people consider horseback riding in this little slice of paradise a bucket list item. Part of what makes Oregon Coast horseback riding so appealing is that it’s a year-long activity you can enjoy during the winter months. Secondly, the mild weather lends itself to a very comfortable outing. The scenery and weather are amazing; still, there’s also something to be said about the romantic appeal of taking a ride along the beach. What’s more, Oregon Beach Rides—one of the region’s most reputable equine outfitters —will help you explore this coastal playground. No matter how you slice it, horseback riding on the Oregon Coast is sure to provide a memorable experience!

Things to Consider While Horseback Riding near Manzanita

Whether you head over to Nehalem Bay State Park for a beach trail ride or take an excursion through private logging roads, there are a few things to keep in mind as you set off on an Oregon Coast horseback riding escapade. As you ride through the tidal-washed sands of the shoreline, you’ll want to dress in waterproof layers, even during the summer. The coast can be reasonably breezy and comes with strong winds, so short sleeves shouldn’t be your only option. Furthermore, the Pacific Northwest is known for its unpredictable precipitation, so having a rain jacket is critical. Long pants will come in handy to prevent chafing, and sturdy closed-toe shoes will be necessary to protect your feet. Finally, having a bag large enough for your clothes, a water bottle, and a few snacks to prevent dehydration and hunger is crucial.

Manzanita Beach & Oregon Coast Vacation Rentals

After your Oregon Coast horseback riding crash course, you should have a bit more confidence as you plan your vacation in Manzanita. There are plenty of reasons to choose Oregon for your next equine excursion. Still, one thing is certain, Meredith Lodging is here to provide you with the ultimate vacation rental experience. From modest beach homes to elaborate hideaways, your Manzanita dream getaway is only a few clicks away. For more information or to book your stay, please visit us online or call 877-778-9055 today!

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