Caldera Springs

Best Restaurants Near Caldera Springs

15 Sep 2022
Caldera Springs is conveniently located near Bend and Sunriver, which are both treasure troves of restaurants, bistros, bakeries, bars, and much, much more. But what if you don't want to go too far after a long day of playing golf...
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Outdoor Recreation in Caldera Springs

Looking for a golf course challenge?  Hit the golf course at Meadows, acclaimed architect John Fought’s latest creation. The course offers tremendous variety within its 18 holes, seven of which border the meandering Sun River. Hit the trails.  Twin Lakes Loop is...
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family activities in Caldera Springs

Family-Friendly Activities in Caldera Springs, Oregon

There's plenty to do for families in Caldera Springs! In the summer, enjoy the sun at one of our three pools or take a dip in the refreshing Deschutes River. Our tennis courts are open to the public and are...
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Top Summer Activities at Caldera Springs

21 Mar 2022
Top Summer Activities at Caldera Springs Caldera Springs is a beautiful, private resort community of luxury vacation homes just 25 minutes away from Mt. Bachelor, and just a short drive away from Sunriver Resort. Guests love the exclusive on-site amenities, the...
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Stay at Caldera Springs for Wine Tasting in Central Oregon!

19 Oct 2021
Central Oregon is known for its award-winning craft breweries, but let’s not forget about the vibrant wine culture in the region. While the weather can provide some unpredictable climate conditions for wine production, there is no shortage of resilient and...
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