No Name Lake

No Name Lake

No Name Lake

21 Dec 2022
No Name Lake in Central Oregon - near Bend

No Name Lake in Central Oregon

No Name Lake is a beloved spot for locals, and once you witness the jewel-like blue-green water and its surrounding beauty, it’s easy to see why. The trail leading up to the lake might be lengthy but has a mild elevation gain. However, the final scramble through the creek bed marks this trek as moderate rather than easy. Most of this hike does not have tree cover, so make sure that you come prepared with hats and sunscreen – and bring insect repellent if visiting in the summer months! In the Bend/Sunriver area in July? You’ll also get to feast your eyes on wonderful wildflowers adorning No Name Lake!

No Name Lake via Broken Top Trail

Journey up to No Name Lake, which is a 5.5-mile round-trip hike and an elevation gain of about 1200 feet. Start off by hiking through a wooded area before you’re greeted with picturesque views of Broken Top. Keep your eye out for the Green Lakes sign on the left, but veer right onto the trail instead – don’t worry; its beauty will speak for itself!

Location of the Lake

It’s nestled in a meadow of wildflowers at the base of Broken Top Mountain, roughly 25 miles west of Bend, Oregon, just north of Three Sisters Wilderness Area. During your hike, you’ll be surrounded by mountain peaks, old-growth forests, and alpine lakes. Here are the directions:

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