Vacation Rental Kitchen Upgrades Guests Love 

Vacation Rental Kitchen Upgrades Guests Love 

Vacation Rental Kitchen Upgrades Guests Love 

14 Nov 2022
Vacation Rental Kitch Upgrades

They say that everyone always ends up in the kitchen at a party…it is the natural gathering place of every home, including a vacation rental. And making sure your kitchen is well-appointed is a wonderful way to garner rave reviews and repeat guests for your vacation rental. How can you make your vacation rental’s kitchen one that keeps guests coming back again and again? We’ve captured the kitchen upgrades guests rave about the most: 

Invest in high-end and new major appliances for your vacation rental

Think of a gleaming stainless steel chef’s oven and stove, a sleek refrigerator, a silent dishwasher. Choosing an item of this quality will not only earn your kitchen rave reviews, the appliances will last much longer, too. 

Good coffee = great vacation!

Guests love it when it is easy and fun to make that perfect cup of coffee in the morning. Popular additions in this area include Nespresso machines, French press or pour over options, or a high end (but automatic and easy to use) espresso machine. A solid coffee maker is always popular, too, especially one that grinds the beans fresh for each pot. 

Make small appliance choices guests love in your kitchen vacation rental design

Small appliances can be a real treat to guests staying in your home. The list of most popular items includes an electric griddle for pancakes in the morning, a toaster oven, a blender strong enough to make smoothies and margaritas, a crockpot for warm chili après ski, a good hand mixer or stand mixer for baking cookies, and a small food chopper. 

Make sure your kitchen is well-equipped for chefs, bakers, and merry makers

Choose high quality pots and pans that will last for several years or longer…guests who love to cook will rave about them in reviews! Offer your guests a quality knife block, well-made knives, and a sharpener…so many homes have dull knives! Make sure you have high quality bakeware and utensils, too…investing in these pieces will delight your guests and save you money in the long run. Be sure to include several platters and serving pieces so your guest can create memorable celebrations and meals while staying in your home.  

Don’t forget the drink part of eat, drink and be merry

Drinkware is so important…and homes that get the best reviews have plenty of quality drinkware for their guests to enjoy. Offer twice as many well-made coffee mugs as your house requires (and even a few thermal mugs so guests can hit the slopes or stroll on the beach with their morning cuppa). Offer lots of low ball and highball glasses for water, juice, or cocktails. And make sure to have lots of wine glasses, too…and a few different varieties for reds and whites. Investing a small amount in extra drinkware can result in a big return when it comes to reviews or repeat bookings. 

Ready to take your kitchen to the next level? Your Meredith Lodging team is ready to help. Our team can audit your home and read through your reviews to help you identify the upgrades that will make the biggest difference for your bottom line. To get started, reach out to your Owner Experience lead, or email us at We look forward to working with you! 

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