Flock to Seaside This Winter!

Flock to Seaside This Winter!

Flock to Seaside This Winter!

5 Jan 2024
things to do in seaside oregon

Seaside, Oregon has been a popular year-round coastal destination for generations with its beautiful sandy beaches, stunning views of mountain and sea, iconic boardwalk, and fun for all ages at every turn. A winter getaway offers various activities from storm watching to beachcombing to strolling the Prom to a family fun night at an arcade.  

Book your winter getaway and come explore all the fun to be had in this beloved coastal playground: 


Winter can be a great time for beachcombing, especially after coastal storms when interesting and unique items may wash ashore. Bundle up and explore the coastline for treasures. 

Storm Watching 

Experience the power of the mighty Pacific Ocean during winter storms. The crashing waves against the rocky shore can be awe-inspiring. Always stay at a safe distance and observe from designated viewpoints. 


Spend an afternoon exploring Seaside’s bustling downtown area boasting shops, boutiques, confectioners and galleries. Make sure to head to the Old Town District to see what hidden treasures you can find at the Seaside Antique Mall. 

Indoor Attractions 

Visit the Seaside Aquarium, Seaside Inverted Experience, or Funland Seaside Arcade for indoor entertainment and educational experiences the whole family will enjoy. 

Cycling or Walking the Promenade 

The Seaside Promenade, also known as the Prom, is a scenic oceanfront walkway. Bundle up and enjoy a brisk walk or bike ride along the coastline. You can rent bikes from several local bike rental shops. Looking for some laughs while you exercise? Try renting a tandem, or a double or triple surrey!  

Visit the Turnaround 

The Seaside Turnaround is a historic landmark where visitors can enjoy scenic views of the ocean and surrounding area. It’s a great spot to take some photos to capture an unforgettable trip to the beach. 

Bird and Whale Watching 

Winter brings migratory birds and mammals to the area. Bring your binoculars and explore the diverse birdlife around Seaside. December to early February is the time to find majestic Gray Whales migrating south along the Oregon coastline to Baja, Mexico. You’ll have to look a little harder but keep your eye out for spouts a few miles off the shore.  


Explore the local culinary scene. Many seaside restaurants offer cozy atmospheres and fresh seafood. Warm up with a piping hot bowl of clam chowder after a brisk walk on the beach. 

Relaxing at the Spa 

Treat yourself to a relaxing day at the spa. Enjoy a massage or other spa treatments from several local spas to unwind and recharge during the winter months. Many of our vacation rentals have hot tubs so you end an adventure-filled day with a relaxing soak under the stars. 

Book Your Seaside Winter Getaway Today! 

Whether you’re seeking outdoor adventures or indoor relaxation, Seaside offers a mix of options for a memorable winter experience. We have an amazing collection of Seaside vacation rentals to suit all sizes and budgets. Come discover why generations have been flocking to this coastal town since the turn of the century!