Glass Blowing in Lincoln City, OR

Glass Blowing in Lincoln City, OR

Glass Blowing in Lincoln City, OR

20 Jan 2023

Looking for a unique and rewarding experience? Try glass blowing! Lincoln City has several galleries where you can visit and see glassblowers at work. Want to give it a try? You can design your own masterpiece at several local studios. 

What is glass blowing? 

Glassblowing was invented by Syrian craftsmen in the 1st century BC, and is one of the most recognized forms of glass art where artists use their breath to inflate and shape molten glass on the end of a blow tube. 

Want to give glass blowing a try? 

Lincoln City Glass Center – Make an appointment to spend time with a professional glassblower and design your own glass creation. Pick up your work of art the next day, as glass needs time to cool, or they will ship straight to your home for a small fee. 

ThornMeadow Glassworks – Enjoy a private class at this beautiful studio where you will experience the glass creation process from start to finish. Whether you are a complete beginner, or have some experience, their classes are tailored to you. 

You can also participate in their Glass Scavanger Hunt – fun for the whole family! 

Looking to buy a souvenir or just admire these hand-crafted pieces of art? 

Stop by Volta Glass Gallery, Alder House Glass, or Jennifer Sears Glass Art Studio.  

Discover Random Acts of Findness with Finders Keepers  

Let the hunt begin with this beloved Lincoln City attraction. Float Fairies covertly hide handcrafted glass floats along the sandy beaches of Roads End on the north to Siletz Bay on the south. If you find a float, it is yours to keep! There are also special float drop days on holidays and special occasions throughout the year, so make sure and check the dates of these drops when planning your coastal getaway.  

Read about the rules of the hunt and where to register your find here

Book a Stay with Us! 

Stay with Meredith Lodging and enjoy all the fun to be had in Lincoln City. We have an extensive selection of vacation rentals all over Lincoln City to suit all your needs. Many of our home have hot tubs, and are pet-friendly, too! We can’t wait to see you!