Tips for Maximizing Time with Loved Ones This Thanksgiving!

Tips for Maximizing Time with Loved Ones This Thanksgiving!

Tips for Maximizing Time with Loved Ones This Thanksgiving!

21 Nov 2023

To maximize time with each other this Thanksgiving, reduce stress, and create lasting memories, consider some of the following tips:  

Plan Ahead 

Plan the day’s schedule in advance to ensure everyone is on the same page. This can help avoid last-minute stress and allow for more focused quality time. 

Prioritize Togetherness 

Make a conscious effort to prioritize spending time together. Minimize distractions like phones, work, or other commitments during designated family time. 

Delegate Tasks 

Share responsibilities among family members or guests to avoid overwhelming one person. This allows everyone to contribute to the preparations, creating a sense of teamwork.  

Create Traditions 

Establish or continue family traditions that promote togetherness. Whether it’s playing games, cooking together, or sharing stories, traditions create lasting memories. 

Limit Technology 

Encourage everyone to limit their use of technology, especially during shared meals and activities. This can foster more meaningful face-to-face interactions. 

Express Gratitude 

Take a moment to express gratitude for the time spent together. Share what you appreciate about each other and the moments you’ve shared throughout the year. 

Engage in Activities Together 

Plan activities that promote interaction, such as board games, outdoor games, or group cooking sessions. Shared activities create bonds and laughter. 

Encourage Conversation 

Foster meaningful conversations by creating a relaxed atmosphere. Share stories, discuss interests, and take the time to catch up with each other’s lives. 

Be Present 

Practice being fully present in the moment. Put away distractions and focus on enjoying the company of your loved ones. Remember that the essence of Thanksgiving lies in gratitude and the connections we share with those around us. By being intentional and present, you can maximize the time spent with each other and create lasting memories. 


Thanksgiving is the perfect holiday to send our warm thanks to all our valued guests. Happy Thanksgiving from our Meredith Lodging family to yours.