Things To Do In Bend, OR

Deschutes Brewery | Bend, OR Breweries | Meredith Lodging
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One of the craft breweries to gain a true following in Oregon, Bend-born Deschutes Brewery now has outposts throughout the state and is soon to open on the East Coast, too.

High Desert Museum | Bend Oregon Museums | Meredith Lodging

Just a few minutes’ drive from Downtown Bend, the High Desert Museum of wildlife and living history is consistently ranked as a top destination when visiting Central Oregon.

Mt. Bachelor | Bend, OR Activities | Meredith Lodging

Mt. Bachelor Ski Area. Sure, Mt. Bachelor is one of the country’s favorite winter-sports wonderlands, but did you know there is fun for the whole family year-round?

Old Mill District | Shopping in Bend, OR | Meredith Lodging

Old Mill District.  To most people, it sounds too good to be true that there could be a place in the middle of town where you can eat, sip, shop and adventure all at once.

Pine Tavern | Bend Orgon Dining | Meredith Lodging
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Opened in Bend in 1936 and running continuously since that time, Pine Tavern continues to be a long-established favorite with locals and visitors alike.

Smith Rock State Park | Bend, OR Activities | Meredith Lodging

Don’t let the world-class rock climbing opportunities at Smith Rock State Park intimidate you - as long as you enjoy being surrounded by breathtaking beauty, there is something f