Property Service Information

Property Service Information


Since we started with just a few properties in 2006, Meredith Lodging has maintained a careful focus on property care to ensure that our owners and guests experience a consistently high standard of cleanliness and home preparedness. Our team of highly trained staff members remains committed to providing a clean and safe property for both our owners and our guests.

Our cleaning standards have always met or exceeded the CDC recommendations and we also carefully follow the guidelines from hospitality industry experts such as the American Hotel & Lodging Association (HERE) and the Vacation Rental Management Association (HERE).

As our local markets begin to open in Oregon, our we will continue to provide a high level of cleanliness, support and care for each of our properties. We are keeping a close eye on all recommendations for cleaning protocols and safety and continue to level-up our procedures in order to increase your peace of mind.

Here are some of our updated protocols and procedures:

  • Arrival and Departure
    • We provide contact-free check-in and check-out
    • Offices have started to reopen with staff maintaining a safe distance as well as using PPE when prudent.
  • Cleaning and Maintenance
    • Homes will be professionally cleaned with CDC approved disinfectants, focusing on high-touch surfaces, such as counters, tables, hard surface floors, doorknobs, light switches, remote controls, keys, appliance handles and other high-touch locations.
    • We will also disinfect items such as refrigerators, dishes/drink ware/silverware, tubs, toilets, sheets, towels and more.
    • All Meredith Lodging house cleaning and maintenance personnel follow a strict protocol upon entering any home that includes wearing masks, gloves, shoe covers and washing hands vigorously for 30+ seconds before and after cleaning or entering properties.
    • A new set of gloves, masks and shoe covers are used for each home and disposed of after the cleaning or property services are complete.
    • Exterior doorknobs, e-locks and keys are disinfected as our personnel is leaving the home
    • Inspections performed to ensure the property is ready for your arrival, and that all disinfecting procedures have been followed.
    • We employ careful handling and disinfecting of all our equipment and vehicles.
  • Interactions During Your Stay
    • Should there be a maintenance or housekeeping service call requested during your stay, our team will coordinate a time to address the issue when you are out of the property so as not to disturb you. Team members will also wear appropriate (and new/clean) protective gear when they are in your home. If there is a member of your group that is not feeling well, we will wait to service the property until after your stay for any non-emergency items.

When you stay with us, we want you to be able to vacation with complete peace of mind. You can count on our commitment to your health and safety, and that everything you need to enjoy your stay is in good working order. Our properties are routinely inspected to make sure all amenities are present and in good working order. We want our guests to be able to arrive worry-free and to focus on relaxing and enjoying their stay in our unique and special properties.

* Please note that these procedures are meant to be guidelines, representing the minimum that will be done. We will continue to monitor and adjust our guidelines as more information comes available and we gain additional knowledge.