Sunriver Activities

SUNRIVER – Alpine Entertainment

Enjoy everything from ice-skating to riding a little train, from a rock wall to a bumper cars. Alpine Entertainment brings many attractions to the Sunriver area. 
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Sunriver Brewery loves beer. In a region that has taken craft beer to a whole new level, Sunriver Brewery prides themselves on brewing awesome craft beer that includes the lighter side of brewing as well as the "killer hoppy fare."
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SUNRIVER Nature Center

Come and spend the afternoon with your family exploring nature while being educated and entertained! Located near the Observatory, the Sunriver Nature Center offers nature walks outside and even exhibits with live critters such as otters, porcupines and beavers! 
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SUNRIVER Observatory

Feast your eyes on faraway galaxies. Witness a meteor shower. Get a glimpse of globular clusters, nebulae and deep space binary stars, as well as our closest star, the Sun. There's no better place than the Oregon Observatory at Sunriver.
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