Photo ID Policy

Photo ID Policy!

How it works when we verify your identity

We may ask for you to confirm your identity matching the name on the reservation, in which case you will need to provide a photo of a government issued ID (such as a driver’s license, passport, or national identity card).

You may have a few options for confirming your identity:

  • Take a photo of your ID using your phone
  • Take a photo using the camera on your computer or mobile device
  • Upload an existing photo of your ID

When you’ll be asked to confirm your identity

This may happen for a couple of reasons. For example, some last-minute bookings require guests to complete identity verification in order to complete the booking and receive check-in information for the stay. There are also times when we may ask you to confirm your identity to help us make sure you’re really you.

Types of ID

Depending on your location and what country you’re from, you may be able to add one of the following types of government ID:

  • Driver’s license
  • Passport
  • National identity card

Your ID needs to be an official government-issued ID (not an ID for a school, library, gym, etc.) that includes a photo of you. If you add a driver’s license, you may be asked for two photos—one of the front of the license and one of the back. If you add a passport, make sure the photo includes the numbers located at the bottom of the page with your picture.

Other ways identification may be used include

Where permitted by applicable law, we may provide certain identification info to banks and other financial institutions (which helps them enforce various tax, anti-money laundering, and sanctions laws), as well as to law enforcement agencies (who may be conducting investigations requiring our involvement).

Our goal is to work closely with these organizations and comply with our legal obligations. We look forward to your stay with us!