Oregon Wildfire Information

Oregon Wildfire Information

If you have a reservation that was scheduled for an arrival date of 9/9/20-9/18/20 and you need to cancel or reschedule your reservation to another time, then you may do so without incurring any cancellation or change fees. Please contact a member of our team and they will be able to assist you with your request.

*** Please note that due to the evacuations, here at Meredith Lodging our staff has also been affected, therefore you may experience longer than normal wait time due to increased call volume. We appreciate your patience during this time. ***

Common Questions:

  • Can I still come for my reservation?
    Yes!!! If your reservation was not in a mandatory evacuation zone, then you are still able to come for your vacation. Please reference tripcheck.com for up to date information on road closures and travel restrictions.

  • Is it safe to travel right now?
    Over the past 48 hours there have been many different levels of evacuation orders placed in different locations. At the moment Lincoln City has been the most affected area, but most other cities/towns have been unaffected by evacuations and it is “business as usual.” We suggest visiting one of the informational links below for further information.

  • How is the air quality at the coast?
    It is changing constantly. As weather conditions and wind direction are constantly changing, so is the air quality. In many areas it is extremely smoky and this can present breathing complications for those with upper respiratory issues.

  • Are businesses open?
    Many businesses have been affected by the wildfire evacuations. If the business is not in an evacuation area, there still are many employees that may have been forced to evacuate which may affect their normal operating hours. We suggest checking/calling ahead of time for information on closures or different operating hours.

  • Can I travel to Central Oregon right now?
    Bend/Sunriver are currently accessible but the 22 which is the main Hwy into Central Oregon is currently closed. You will need to use southern access via HWY 20 or the northern access via HWY 26. Again please reference https://tripcheck.com/ for further information.

  • Can I get to the coast right now?
    Please note there are multiple routes to access the coast. We suggest you reference https://tripcheck.com/ for up to date information on road closures and travel restrictions. Below are also a list of other helpful resources based off where on the coast you are travelling to.

We continue to pray for the safety of all employees, guests, local citizens, first responders, pets, and livestock and pray that as many homes and natural resources are spared as possible.

We love Oregon and the people who live, work and vacation here. 2020 has proven to be a year full of unprecedented challenges. We are in this together, and we will continue to find our way through. Thank you to all the firefighters who are working to keep Oregon’s residents and visitors safe.

For Road Closures:

For Tillamook County (this encompasses Neskowin all the way to Manzanita, roughly):

Please stay safe and stay healthy,

The Meredith Lodging Team