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Cascading down a steep hillside by the sea just west of Tillamook, Oceanside’s picturesque homes form a dreamy residential village of 350 people and little traffic. It’s a wonderful stop in your drive around the Three Capes Scenic Loop, which features spectacular views of the north coast. A seafood lunch right on the beach at the famous Roseanna’s Cafe will equip you for a hike below the sea cliffs. One cliff has a walking tunnel that takes you to another pretty stretch of beach. The offshore sea stacks, Three Arch Rocks, are a National Wildlife Refuge, with a stellar sea lion pupping ground and the largest colony of tufted puffins on the Oregon Coast. You can hear other seabirds, including tens of thousands of common murres, squawk from their nesting grounds on the offshore rocks. Bring your binoculars!

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