Tenas Lakes

Tenas Lakes

Tenas Lakes

21 Dec 2022

About the Tenas Lakes

Tenas Lakes is the perfect destination for swimming, backpacking, and unforgettable views. From its crystal-clear blue lakes to its short yet captivating trails, Tenas Lakes has something for everyone- from a brief day trip to an overnight adventure!

Tenas Lakes via Benson Lake Trail

Begin your journey at Scott Lake in the Willamette National Forest. Take Benson Lake Trail, located at the end of a road, which ascends gradually up to Benson Lake– a majestic large and deep cold lake. After you’ve explored it, take the path until you reach an intersection with a sign that points to Tenas Lakes – Venture down this trail until you find them!

Hike the Benson Lake Trail to see this Oregon Gem

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