Lake Wenatchee

Lake Wenatchee

Lake Wenatchee

10 Jan 2023
Lake Wenatchee

Lake Wenatchee State Park & Lake

Whether you’re a daring thrill-seeker or just starting out, Lake Wenatchee is the perfect destination for your aquatic recreation. Its crystal-clear waters are surrounded by majestic mountains and its shallow lagoon, and 5-mile lake provide more than enough fun for all ages! From swimming in the shallows to boating, windsurfing and kayaking – there’s something here at Lake Wenatchee that everyone can enjoy. And if it’s your first time on water activities? Don’t worry! There are companies nearby who rent boats and boards so you can explore this beautiful scenery safely close to shore.

Location of the Lake


“Cool state park Discovery Pass is required if you don’t it will be a $10 fee. The park is well maintained and has a lot of picnic tables. Great views and always a fun time in the summer but it is gorgeous in the winter . Winter Wonderland 😍😍”

Ervina Gill

“Lake Wenatchee is a nice lake to visit in Eastern Washington.
You can play and swim in the water.
Very good restrooms.
Good beach by the lake Wenatchee..
You can take photos of the lake from the beach by the lake..”

Robert Alberg

“This lake is so peaceful and serene. It holds a very special place in my heart after this summer. It is surrounded by such an awesome and loving community. I never let anyone that was not helpful or nice during my time there. It’s also an amazing place for a YMCA camp to be. Overall, simply amazing.”

Shane Wood

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