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Top Upgrades Owners Can Make to Oregon Coast Vacation Homes to Increase Bookings - Oregon Coast Edition

28 Oct 2019
Vacation Rental Owners

Guests looking to book a vacation on the Oregon Coast have more choices than ever, and homes that make an effort to provide the little luxuries Guests love can see a big uptick in performance. Meredith Lodging truly partners with our Oregon Coast Vacation Rental owners to help make their homes as successful as possible, including employing an in-house design team who is constantly keeping an eye on what home features Guests rave about the most.  We sat down with our Design Team leader to make a shortlist of the kinds of investments that deliver the biggest return on the Oregon Coast.

Luxe Linens

Guests love amenities that make them feel like they are staying in a five-star hotel and an easy way to do that is to provide luxury linens - plush towels and upgraded bedding. Guests will give rave reviews about well-appointed bedrooms and bathrooms and your investment in these areas will not go unnoticed.  Perhaps the easiest way to make a great impression is by upgrading your bedding.  Down comforters wrapped in higher-thread count cotton or linen duvets make beds look extra-cozy and investing the tempurpedic-style mattresses and high quality pillows offers your Guests kind of comfort they will rave about in reviews. For the bathroom, simply investing in some larger bath-sheet-sized towels and perhaps some small, darker washcloths for make-up removal are some extras that get noticed.  

Updated TV’s and Technology Extras

Flat screen, modern televisions instantly make a room look updated and inviting, as compared to their big box counterparts/older TVs. This is an easy, cost-effective upgrade that Guests will notice instantly when booking online.  Additionally, new TVs make it easy to allow your guests to access to programming perks guests love (especially on those stormy beach days!) like Netflix and Hulu and the ability to set up games (like and Xbox) for any gamers in the house. 

Rooms - and Furniture - that Provide Gathering Space for the whole House

Vacations are all about coming together and spending quality time with friends and family.  Guests booking online are looking for that well-appointed living room and imagining movie night with the whole gang gathered around the fire… or a puzzle or game table where the whole family can get their Monopoly game on. Guests love seeing larger dining tables with seats for everyone both indoors and out. Outdoor furniture helps guests make memories in a home’s beautiful backyard or inviting front porch.  Investing in quality furniture that facilitates gathering together is one of the most effective ways for your home to be more inviting to vacationers. 

Speaking of Outdoor Space - Guests Love Hot Tubs!

Guests love vacation rentals that offer amenities they may not have at home - and hot tubs are at the top of that list!  It is our most-requested amenity - and with good reason!  Hot Tubs can be enjoyed year-round in Oregon and especially in the colder, wetter months.  Adding a hot-tub to your property is a sure way to increase the number of bookings and repeat bookings your home receives! A Hot Tub is a great investment and the single-most asked for amenity from Meredith Lodging Guests.

Oregon Coast-Themed Extras That Make Stormy Days - and Everyday - More Fun!

Oregon Coast Vacation Homes that make room for fun extras always see rave reviews and increased bookings.  Some of the upgrades out Guests rave about the most include game rooms fully set-up with ping-pong tables, air hockey or foosball, pool tables and a table for family game night or puzzles and shelves stocked with board games.  One owner created a “craft center” of butcher paper and colored pens and pencils and other art supplies - and families with little ones started seeking out that home on the regular!  Some homes even add old-school arcade games to the mix.  These rooms are fun for the whole family and make sure everyone has room to play - rain or shine! 

Meredith Lodging’s in-house Design Team and Owner Relations Teams can help you identify all the ways to make your home stand out from the rest, when it comes to appealing to Guests.  We look forward to working with you to help make your home more successful than ever.  Ready to get started? Email or call us at 877-778-9055 - we look forward to hearing from you!