Central Oregon

Top Five Mountain Biking Trails in Central Oregon

8 Jun 2020
Central Oregon is a haven for cyclists of all types and has an extra-special place in the hearts of those who love to hit Mountain Bike Trails. Meredith Lodging Central Oregon vacation rentals in Bend, Sunriver and at Mt. Bachelor...
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Meredith Lodging Top Family-Friendly Central Oregon Hikes

Hiking in Oregon is both a statewide treasure and pastime. Few places in the world offer such a concentration of beautiful views, historic and scenic sites, and a variety of levels of difficulty so diverse everyone can find a way...
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Best Day Trips and Adventures from Bend and Sunriver

Summer vacations spent in Bend or Sunriver are a much-loved tradition for Oregon families. Long, sunny days spent swimming, hiking, and exploring the many lakes, parks and natural attractions that dot the landscape across Central and Southern Oregon. Crisp nights...
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Meredith Lodging’s Top-Secret Adventure Destinations in Central Oregon

5 Jun 2020
Meredith Lodging’s Central Oregon Headquarters Office is located in Bend, Oregon and our local employees love living in Bend because of all the adventure just outside their door. Many of Bend’s most-loved sites get pretty crowded in the Spring and Summer months, but there are a few places that are remain on our “best-kept-secrets list and we want to share those with our...
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