Top Five Things to See, Eat and Do in Rockaway Beach, Oregon

Top Five Things to See, Eat and Do in Rockaway Beach, Oregon

Top Five Things to See, Eat and Do in Rockaway Beach, Oregon

27 Sep 2019

Meredith Lodging is growing our collection of Oregon Coast Vacation Rentals in Rockaway! You now have more options than ever for having fun and making memories in this beloved little beach town.  We have captured some of our favorite Rockaway activities to help you plan your perfect #staywithmeredith .

Meredith Lodging Rockaway Vacation Rentals

Looking for a place to stay in Rockaway? Meredith Lodging has got you covered.  From luxury homes to lake houses to homes near Tillamook Bay, we can help you find the perfect place to stay in this gem of a beachtown on the Oregon Coast. We have homes of every size in Rockaway and nearby Manzanita!

Pronto Pup

Ever wonder where the corn-dog was invented? Apparently, all of that sweet-salty goodness was invented in Rockaway by husband and wife team George and Versa Boyington in the late 1930s. The idea came about when the rain came and ruined their hot dog buns at their hot dog stand. George Boyington came up with the idea of cooking a “bun” as needed. He created a pancake batter based mix and the duo came up with the formula still used today. Stop by and try a delicious bite of local history!

Old Smoke House 

In the mood for a great seafood meal? Head straight to Old Smoke House for a menu chock-full of local seafood favorites. The smoked salmon, clam chowder, fish and chips and oyster sandwich are loved even more than their warm and friendly service.  Don’t be surprised if you sit next to someone who has been a regular for decades! You will love this Oregon Coast institution in Rockaway.

Kelly’s Marina

All kinds of Oregon Coast fun can be had at local-favorite location Kelly’s Marina.  From renting boats and equipment to go on crabbing and fishing excursions, to taking their ferry to Nehalem Bay State Park, Kelly’s Marina is fun for the whole family.  Be sure to make time to stop by their on-site store for bait and tackle, camping supplies, snacks & sundries, beverages, souvenirs and even oysters, clams and live crabs! And don’t worry if you have never been crabbing before, the staff at Kelly’s are known for their excellent customer service and will set you up with everything you need!

Twin Rocks – Rockaway Beach

All of the beaches in and near Rockaway are beautiful, but there is no local landmark more famous than Twin Rocks.  It’s believed that a super lava flow that took place more than 300 miles away (the same one that fueled the formation of Yellow Stone National Park) is responsible for Twin Rocks, which were originally called Profile Rocks.  No matter their name or exactly how they came to be this breathtaking rock formation is a hallmark of Rockaway beach and you will love watching it change color and definition in the sunset light. 

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