Crabbing in Waldport, Oregon

Crabbing in Waldport, Oregon

Crabbing in Waldport, Oregon

27 Jan 2023

Locals will say a trip to the Oregon Coast is not complete without going crabbing! Luckily for you, Alsea Bay in Waldport has everything you need to give crabbing a try – a bay literally crawling with Dungeness crab, public docks, and local outfitter Dock of the Bay that rents boats and all the crabbing gear you will need to enjoy this beloved coastal pastime. 

Check out some of our helpful tips for crabbing in Waldport: 

When is the best time to go crabbing in Alsea Bay? 

September through November tends to be the best time for crabbing on the Oregon Coast. Many locals prefer to go crabbing in September, as the crabs are usually at their fattest, and the weather is better than the colder winter months. 

Crabs prefer calmer waters so you are more likely to find crabs during slack water – the time around high or low tide. We recommend checking out a local tide chart before crabbing.  

What gear should you bring? 

  • Crab rings or cages  
  • Crab measuring tool 
  • Gloves for pulling up the rings or cages, and checking the size and sex of the crab 
  • Cooler 
  • Crab bait  

What are the rules for crabbing? 

  • A license is required – $10 for Oregon residents, $28 for non-residents. You can buy a license online, or at a local hardware or sporting goods store.  
  • It is illegal to keep female Dungeness crabs. Not sure how to tell the difference? Flip the crab over and check the shape of its stomach. Female crabs have an oval shaped stomach, while males have triangular stomachs. 
  • There is a daily limit catch of 12 male Dungeness crabs per person.  
  • In Oregon, you will be fined if any of your male crabs are smaller than 5 ¾ inches across the back shell (not including spikes). 

Ready to throw in some rings and catch a stay with us on the Coast? 

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