Plan a Super Getaway for Super Bowl Weekend with Meredith Lodging

Plan a Super Getaway for Super Bowl Weekend with Meredith Lodging

Plan a Super Getaway for Super Bowl Weekend with Meredith Lodging

4 Feb 2021
Super Bowl

Put the Super in Super Bowl Weekend with Meredith Lodging!

If you are lucky enough to spend the 2021 Super bowl weekend at the beach or in the mountains, we want to give you some ideas on how you can make it extra special. First, good for you for booking a Super Bowl stay – what a fun way to make memories! If you haven’t booked your stay – there is still time and a few homes available at . Once you finalize your Super Bowl #staywithmeredith, here is how to take your celebration to the next level. It’s as easy as 1, 2, 3!

Make sure to warm-up properly.

To get ready for all that TV watching, it’s a good idea to get moving early in the day! When you stay with Meredith in an Oregon Coast vacation home or a Central Oregon vacation rental, outdoor adventure is right outside your door! We recommend quick, 3ish-item, “SEE AND DO” scavenger hunts to get everyone outside.

BEACH – Find a shell or rock, make a “sand angel” or a drawing of some waves and extra credit if you spot a seagull.

MOUNTAINS – Draw a tree, find a pinecone, and figure out how far to the closest mountain! Bonus points for spotting deer!

Visit the Meredith Lodging Kid’s Zone for fun links and activity books you can download to keep your little ones entertained, for Central Oregon and the Oregon Coast

Get the whole family in the game!

There are so many fun and family-friendly ways to play games that involve the score of the game, the commercials, or half-time activities, too! We love the Play Party Plan website that has downloadable, family friendly super bowl bingo cards and other fun game ideas!

Get snacking!

One of the best parts about Super Bowl Sunday is the FOOD! And one of the best parts about staying at a Meredith Lodging Oregon Coast or Central Oregon vacation rental is that the kitchen is always open! If you are making your own snacks this year, we are delighted to share two of our favorite go-to recipes.

On the coast? Be sure to grab some Barnacle Bill’s Smoked Salmon for your snack board, or some fresh crab to make our favorite crab dip, a family recipe from Oregon Home Magazine publisher Courtney Kutzman, that she shared when she stayed with us in our Holiday Beach House home in South Beach (hint: the recipe is at the end of the article, and it is worth the scroll!).

In the mountains? If you are cooking at home, we highly recommend you include this classic 7-layer dip recipe from The Oregonian on your menu. If you want to make it super easy on yourself and support a GREAT local restaurant, Washington Dining & Cocktails (sister restaurant to Drake Bend), order one of their amazing Super Bowl Snack Kits.

We wish you and yours a fun-filled and safe Super Bowl 2021 weekend. It’s not too late to book that Super Bowl Getaway…we still have a few homes available for the big game at . Thank you for choosing to #staywithmeredith!