Breakfast in Manzanita, OR

Breakfast in Manzanita, OR

Breakfast in Manzanita, OR

9 Jan 2022
breakfast in manzanita, OR

Best Breakfast Restaurants in Manzanita, Oregon

We love getting away to Manzanita for the weekend!  From one of the world’s best beach-town main streets to the miles-long beach and nearby state parks, there is something for everyone in this perfect little seaside community.  And the food! Our favorite vacation meal to indulge in is breakfast and/or brunch – so much so that we often have “first breakfast” early and “second breakfast” a little later when we are in Manzanita.  We captured our local faves for you here – and hope you enjoy eating out in this beloved beach town! All of these spots (with one very worthwhile exception) are in walking distance of Meredith Lodging’s dreamy vacation homes, most located just a block or two off of the main street, Laneda Avenue.  In the mood for a bike ride? Stop by the Meredith Lodging office to borrow our cruiser bikes – free to guests of Meredith Lodging!

1st Breakfast (/aka Please Give Us All the Coffee) at Bread & Ocean

Delicious coffee and baked goods are as powerful a pairing as coffee and a walk on the beach!  When we are in Manzanita we start every morning the same way …by treating ourselves to a coffee (Americano for him, hemp milk latte for her) and a famous cinnamon roll from Bread & Ocean . Don’t be surprised if you arrive right when they open and still find yourself standing in line (those cinnamon rolls are really famous!)…the line moves fast!  We are big fans of the cardamom mini cinnamon rolls, but the classic is always a favorite, too. Then we hit the beach for a long stroll to work up our appetite for…..

Second Breakfast / Brunch at Yolk

After a morning on the beach (or anytime before 2PM when they close)…a stop at Yolk restaurant is a MUST.  We love it when we have a group of 3-4 because then we feel better about ordering almost everything on the menu.  The food here is simply incredible – fresh, comforting and prepared perfectly with a friendly staff to boot. We always struggle to choose between the sweet deliciousness of the  Lemon Ricotta Pancakes, the Crispy French Custard Toast or the savory goodness of the Heuvos Rancheros, Cheesy Shrimp and Grits (this sells out early each day!) or the divine lunch options of the Spring Greens Prawn Salad or the Grilled Eggplant sandwich.  Items we always order as a side, no matter what? Biscuits with Jam and Cheesy waffle fries. Game. Changers.  

Wanda’s Café + Bakery (just down the road)

Not technically in Manzanita, but breakfast experts might pull our brunch card if we don’t mention Wanda’s Cafe + Bakery just down the road in Nehalem.  If you are looking for a big, hearty, traditional plate of breakfast goodness, you will be very glad you made the 5-minute drive.  We cannot get enough of the eggs benedict and delicious waffles with fresh berries and dreamy baked goods. The restaurant remodeled to be able to serve breakfast to more people and WOW we are sure glad they did!

In a rush to hit the waves or hike the trails?  We are BIG FANS of breakfast burritos from Manzanita Market (aka The Little Apple) and grabbing a coffee and a paper on our way out of town at Manzanita News & Espresso, too! 

Rise and Shine: Breakfast in Manzanita!

After we have had all of that breakfast and brunch goodness (but not all in one day, we promise!) we resist the urge for a nap and try to keep moving.  Thankfully, between nearby hiking opportunities, super-charming shops on Laneda street and that beautiful beach, this is pretty easy to do. We stay moving till its time to think about Happy Hour. More on that next time! We hope to see you soon in Manzanita when you #staywithmeredith . View our collection of Manzanita vacation rentals.

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