5 Tips to Help You Find the Perfect Oregon Vacation Rental

5 Tips to Help You Find the Perfect Oregon Vacation Rental

5 Tips to Help You Find the Perfect Oregon Vacation Rental

22 Feb 2022
Oregon Vacation Rental

5 Tips to Help You Find the Perfect Oregon Vacation Rental

Oregon is an excellent choice for discerning vacationers with its diverse outdoor recreation scene and unique attractions. Whether you’re traveling solo, with a family, on a romantic getaway, or a friend’s retreat, there seems to be something for everyone in the Beaver State. Do a quick Google search for “Things to Do in Oregon,” and you may find yourself overwhelmed with options. Thankfully, Meredith Lodging boasts an eclectic collection of Oregon vacation rentals on both the coast and the mountains, giving you a myriad of options to create an unforgettable escape from life’s hustle and bustle. Now, finding the perfect rental option can look simple on the surface, but there are many things to consider. To help you wade through a plethora of decisions, we put together five suggestions to find the perfect basecamp to explore Oregon.

Find an Oregon Vacation Rental to Match Your Activities

While searching around for things to do in Oregon, you can sometimes lose sight of why you want to visit in the first place. With that in mind, it’s crucial to find somewhere that satisfies your needs. For example, if you wish to indulge in some retail therapy, you’ll probably want a vacation rental near Bend, where you’ll find several well-known retailers. Or, if you’re going to try surfing, beachcombing, or ocean fishing, you’ll want to post up somewhere like Newport, Lincoln City, or Cannon Beach.

Determine Your Preferred Time of the Year

Part of what makes Oregon such a popular vacation destination is the seemingly endless array of recreational and entertainment options. And although we’re known as a premier outdoor enthusiast’s playground, there are still plenty of things to do besides skiing, hiking, fishing, and kayaking. You could go shopping in Bend, drink fine wines in Manzanita, or eat your way through Newport. Deciding which season you would enjoy most will make choosing your vacation rental that much easier.

Make a Realistic Budget

For the majority of travelers, setting a budget is necessary no matter their vacation’s length. Still, it doesn’t take much to become enthralled with all the possibilities. As such, you’ll want to figure out how much money you can spend as soon as possible. Many vacationers will erroneously consider only their lodging costs while forgetting about food and other daily necessities. On the other hand, some people may only focus on entertainment while not considering the price of a well-appointed place to stay. The biggest takeaway is finding symmetry between a worthy vacation rental while refining your recreational choices. No one wants to spend their vacation worrying about money.

Set Defined Vacation Goals

Understandably, most of us would rather not fret over goal setting while on vacation. But having clear expectations on how you can spend your time will go a long way in preventing disappointment or unnecessary budgetary constraints. Setting goals early will keep you motivated to try new things while making it easier to choose a vacation rental that fits your desired experience.

Spend Some Time Researching

With so many things to do in Oregon, there are a lot of factors to consider as you find the perfect vacation rental. And let’s be honest, there are plenty of decent options ranging from camping to hotels. Still, you want something that is not only close to your recreational destinations but also offers well-appointed accommodations and amenities to complement a remarkable getaway experience. Considering that vital element, you should do relatively extensive research on the towns and cities that have made the final cut. On the bright side, Meredith Lodging proudly presents several fantastic vacation rentals that promise to satisfy many preferences.

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