Beachcombing in Oregon – Exploring the Oregon Coast

Beachcombing in Oregon – Exploring the Oregon Coast

Beachcombing in Oregon – Exploring the Oregon Coast

17 Jun 2021
Seaside Oregon Beach

Exploring the Coast | Beachcombing in Oregon

Beachcombing in Oregon is a fun and relaxing way to explore the Coast. The Beaver State has an abundance of oceanfront playgrounds rife with seashells, sand dollars, sea glass, and other obscure treasures. What’s more, Meredith Lodging has an impressive collection of vacation rentals in Seaside, Oregon, one of the region’s most well-known destinations for beachcombing in the Pacific Northwest. So, to help acquaint you with this popular yet timeless pastime, we put together a quick guide to beachcombing on the Oregon Coast near Seaside.

Beachcombing Oregon | Things to Do on the Coast

Being on the Coast comes with many nuances that inlanders may not be familiar with. Between the turbulent waters of the ocean and the storms that accompany them, there are many items, trinkets, and keepsakes that end up on our seemingly endless shores. Despite the vast assortment of objects and artifacts you will find while beachcombing in Oregon, it is slightly more involved than simply walking down the shoreline. You will want to investigate both the shoreline and the water, so having some waterproof sandals with traction will help. Bring a few containers if you wish to collect your findings and an extra bag just for any trash you find along the way. There are also many creatures you will encounter like starfish, crabs, and turtles that should be left where you spot them but make for great beach photo-ops!

Collectible Items Found While Beachcombing in Oregon

Mother Nature has a peculiar way of giving, and the Oregon Coast has an abundance of natural and human-made treasures alike. The best times for beachcombing are in the early morning, after a storm, or during a low or receding tide. You can find sand dollars within elongated, sloped beaches during low tide, but you will face fierce competition from gulls watching overhead. The Coast may be best known for its ample driftwood supply but resist the temptation of grabbing a large log as it does not take much water to turn it into a dangerous obstacle. Agates and fossils are some of the most coveted geological treasures and come in many different colors and shapes. After a storm, sticks, and grass commingle, creating a seafaring tumbleweed known as a “whale burp,” despite having nothing to do with whales.

Oregon Coast Beach Vacation Rentals in Seaside & Gearhert

Now that you have a better understanding of what to expect while beachcombing in Oregon, it is time to find the perfect basecamp for your treasure hunting adventures. With an alluring selection of Oregon Coast vacation rentals in Seaside and other prominent beach communities, Meredith Lodging has you covered. For more information or to book your stay, please reach out to us online or call 877-778-9055 today!