Things to Do with Kids in Sunriver, Oregon

Things to Do with Kids in Sunriver, Oregon

Things to Do with Kids in Sunriver, Oregon

28 Sep 2022
Three Children Exploring Central Oregon River

Are you looking for things to do with kids in Sunriver? Sunriver, with its miles of bike paths, nearby Alpine lakes perfect for a gentle summer swim and seemingly endless opportunities to hike, bike and explore is a dream destination for kiddos – and their parents! As we inch closer to summer’s official kick-off, many families will be on the lookout for a much-needed vacation to get outside, soak in the sun, and enjoy the fresh air. And while many people may opt for coastal destinations or possibly on the outskirts of a larger city like Portland, many of the Beaver State’s visitors will find rural destinations far more appealing. For those hoping to introduce their children to the joys of nature’s bounty with exciting adventures, Sunriver, Oregon, has plenty of fun activities for kids to discover as they get their first taste of outdoor recreation. Meredith Lodging loves helping families and friends make memories.

So many families decide on Central Oregon as their preferred vacation spot because of its diverse variety of fun activities for kids. Considering Sunriver’s ideal proximity to several hiking trails, waterways, and parks, it’s not surprising that this beloved mountain community has gained quite the reputation for outdoor enthusiasts and their kiddos. In the morning, you find yourself loading up a canoe for a trip down the Deschutes River, and by evening, you could be finishing your last hike of the day before returning to your home away from home. Here are a few fun activities for kids that will have you smiling along with them.

Things to Do in Sunriver | 8 Fun Activities for Kids

1) Take Them to Fort Rock Park

With wide-open green spaces, a playground, volleyball net, tennis and basketball courts, and a tetherball rig, Fort Rock Park is an excellent place for a picnic or to simply burn off some energy.

2) Take a Kid-Friendly Hike on Benham Falls Trail

Benham Falls is an easy half-mile out and back that will bring you and your young ones across the renowned Deschutes River to a set of beautiful rapids.

3) Check out the High Desert Museum

Combining animals, art, and history, the High Desert Museum is the perfect place to visit for a rainy day, but they also feature outdoor exhibits. Everyone from toddlers to teens will be amused as they encounter the wonders of wildlife.

4) Take Older Kids on a Rafting, Canoeing, or Kayaking Adventure

River rafting in Central Oregon is something you must try if you have older kids who love a good adrenaline rush. Be sure to check out All Star Rafting, one of the area’s most reputable whitewater outfitters. Kayaking and canoeing are also great ways to enjoy the mighty Deschutes.

5) Explore the Lava River Cave

Exploring the Lava River Cave is a rite of passage for many first-time visitors to Sunriver and the perfect place to teach lessons in responsibility, communication, and facing your fears—not to mention the value of a good flashlight! Just be sure to dress appropriately as this cavernous attraction rarely reaches temperatures above 43 degrees.

6) Sunriver Nature Center and Observatory

Visit Sunriver’s world-class Nature Center and Observatory. The whole family will enjoy exploring their nature trails, and learning more about birds of prey and other native animals at their live animal exhibits. At night, you can return to marvel at a clear, high desert sky filled with star! The Oregon Observatory has the largest collection of telescopes in the United States. Make sure and plan ahead, as access to some activities and exhibits require reservations or tickets.

7) Lava Lands Visitor Center

Visit the Lava Lands Visitor Center to learn all about the geological history of Newberry Volcano. Kids will have a blast seeing up close the unique lava formations and learning about how they were created. It’s the perfect place to explore and have fun while learning about our amazing planet.

8) Sunriver Homeowners Aquatic And Recreation Center (SHARC)

The SHARC center is a great place to take the kids for a swim, or to enjoy one of the many other recreational activities available. With multiple pools, a water slide, and plenty of space to run around, the kids will never be bored. And you can rest assured they’ll be safe, as the facility is staffed with certified lifeguards. Talk about summer fun!

Central Oregon Vacation Rentals in Sunriver

Central Oregon water park with many inner tubes floating in a pool

Now that you have a few fun activities for kids to mull over as you continue trip planning, we invite you to make yourself at home with one of our many Central Oregon vacation rentals. If you would like to add some more items to your itinerary, we urge you to visit the Sunriver Area Chamber of Commerce website for more ideas. Whether you are a small family looking for a short getaway or a group of relatives seeking the ultimate reunion experience, Meredith Lodging is here to help. For more information or to make reservations, please visit us online or call 877-778-9055.