The Mountains in Central Oregon

The Mountains in Central Oregon

The Mountains in Central Oregon

21 Oct 2022

 The Cascade Mountains in Central Oregon are rugged and majestic. Visitors can enjoy hiking their trails, skiing their slopes, or gazing at their snow-capped peaks from several view points and scenic byways throughout the region. 

Check out some of the Central Oregon’s most notable peaks: 

Mount Jefferson

Mt. Jefferson

Lewis and Clark spied this mountain not far from the mouth of the Willamette River in 1806 while on their Corps of Discovery expedition – and named it in honor of President Thomas Jefferson. Mount Jefferson is the second-highest mountain in Oregon, and is also the northernmost of the Cascade peaks in the region. 

Three Fingered Jack

Three Fingered Jack in Central Oregon

Known for its craggy peak rising up to the sky, Three Finger Jack is one of the oldest shield volcanoes in the Cascade Range. It is a popular peak for experienced mountain climbers, with a 7,841 foot summit that boasts breathtaking views of other Cascade volcanoes in the region. The northeast face of the mountain is considered one of the most challenging and dangerous climbs in Oregon. 

Black Butte

Black Butte

This extinct stratovolcano is located just outside Sisters. The nearly perfect symmetrical shape is among the most distinctive in Central Oregon. Hike to the top of Black Butte in the summer or fall, where you can enjoy stunning views of the majestic Cascade peaks. 

Broken Top

Broken Top in Central Oregon

Located just south of the Three Sisters sits Broken Top, a glacier-carved stratovolcano with a shattered peak that’s among the most distinctive in Central Oregon. A popular hiking trail leads to the summit, rewarding those up for the challenge with breathtaking views of ponderosa pines, fields of wildflowers, and a turquoise lake. 

Mount Washington

Known for its long, curvy slope and short, yet angular peak – this deeply eroded volcano was named for President George Washington. Today, the Mount Washington Wilderness is home to hiking, backpacking, and equestrian trails – including the Pacific Crest Trail. 

Three Sisters

The trio of volcanic peaks are among the most striking in Central Oregon, each rising more than 10,000 feet. Three Sisters were known to the pioneers as Faith (North Sister), Hope (Middle Sister) and Charity (South Sister). The Sisters have become one of the most popular destinations for climbers in Oregon. 

Mount Bachelor

Mount Bachelor got its name largely because it stands apart from the Three Sisters, and is an iconic image with its somewhat flat top. The mountain is home to the largest ski area in the Pacific Northwest (and the sixth largest ski area in North America), and also boasts a variety of summer activities including ziplining and mountain biking on its slopes.  

Please Note: In an effort to preserve the beauty of the wilderness, Central Cascades Wilderness Permit System is limiting the number of hikers and backpackers at many of the most popular mountain trailheads, so we encourage you to check their site for updated permit information and requirements. 

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