Cross-Country Skiing in Big Bear – Trails and Map

Cross-Country Skiing in Big Bear – Trails and Map

Cross-Country Skiing in Big Bear – Trails and Map

15 Nov 2022
Cross Country Skiing in Big Bear - Trails & Map

What’s better than a winter wonderland? Skiing in one!

Whether you’re a beginner or a seasoned pro, Big Bear has cross-country trails for everyone.

Why Go Cross-Country Skiing in Big Bear, California?

There are few places as beautiful as Big Bear in the winter. With its blanket of snow, frozen lakes, and towering evergreens, it’s no wonder why cross-country skiing is such a popular activity here.

Meet the Rim Nordic Ski Area

The Rim Nordic Ski Area is the go-to spot for cross-country skiing in Big Bear. It offers 10 miles of groomed trails, from gentle slopes and wide open spaces to more challenging terrain. There are also several miles of trails that are designated for snowshoeing, so you can enjoy the winter scenery even if you don’t ski.

Rim Nordic also offers several amenities, including a day lodge with a fireplace, a ski school, and a rental shop. Ski lessons for both adults and children are held on the weekend, so it’s a great place to learn if you’ve never tried cross-country skiing before.

Rim Nordic Ski Area Map

Rim Nordic Trails by Difficulty

Rim Nordic has 4 categories of snow trails that are designated by difficulty and purpose.


Country Road and Deep Creek Loop are the 2 main trails in the green, or beginner-friendly, category. They are both wide and relatively flat, making them ideal for those who are just starting out.


The blue trails, Lower Country Road and Vista Point Trail, are a bit more difficult than the green trails, but they are still suitable for some beginners. These trails are a bit more narrow than the Green trails and have some small hills.


The Black trails are the most difficult at Rim Nordic. They are narrow and steep and are recommended for experienced skiers only.

Red – Snowshoe Only

There are also several miles of trails designated specifically for snowshoeing. All of the trails in Rim Nordic can be used for snowshoeing, but not all trails can be skied, hence the red category of trails. These include Manzanita Trail, Up & Down, Coyote Pass, and Chipmunk.

What to Bring Cross-Country Skiing

  • Warm, waterproof clothing
  • Sunscreen and sunglasses
  • Water and snacks
  • A map of the trails
  • A first-aid kit

How to Get There

Rim Nordic is located just off Highway 18, about 2 miles from the Big Bear Lake Dam. It’s easily accessible by car and there are several parking areas near the trailheads.

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