View the Full Solar Eclipse on the Oregon Coast


On August 21th, 2017, you can be the first to experience the full solar eclipse in the continental United States!  The first contact will be on the Oregon Coast, with Lincoln Beach and Depoe Bay at the center of the action.  The shadow will first touch land at about 10:15 in the morning and the actual centerline of the eclipse path hits solid ground a full six seconds later which will plunge Lincoln Beach and Depoe Bay into darkness for one minute and fifty-eight seconds.  

The last total solar eclipse that Oregon witnessed was in 1979 and there won't be another chance to view another until 2108.

Want to be the first to experience totality?  Many Oregon Coast lodging options near the eclipse's path have been booked solid for years.  Meredith Lodging still has limited availability so make sure to act fast and book your lodging today.

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